Concrete Sealers

Protecting and properly maintaining that decorative concrete floor with a concrete sealer will keep it looking spectacular for many years to come while extending its service life. And even if the surface begins to show wear after years of exposure to traffic and the environment, you can often restore its original beauty by applying an additional coat of concrete sealer.  Versatile Building Products manufactures a wide range of clear concrete sealers that can be applied to exterior and interior concrete floors.  For exterior we would recommend using one of our sealers that are breathable and UV resistant, typically an Acrylic like our Versa Glaze “Wet Look” or Aliphatic Urethane like our Waterbased 5400 Urethane or 5310 Solventborne Urethane are used for exterior concrete.  Products like our 4001 Waterbased Epoxy or our 100% solids 4800 solvent borne are used more on interior concrete sealer applications that do not have a need for UV resistance.  Then our high performance products like our Polyurea 5073 and Polyaspartic 5108 concrete sealer are used over concrete floors that require the highest level of protection from abrasion and chemicals while providing an extremely high gloss that shines for years.


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