Decorative Concrete

The year was 1997, and the Versatile Building Products company had launched an innovative new formula that would come to be known as the Versa-Crete. Following the initial release of this polymer formula, an immense amount of commercial success was attained. Its unique formula can be mixed in with cement, sand and water. The resulting solution is then used to produce stamped overlays, microtoppings and spray textures. Ever since the Versa-Crete formula was first released to the public, it has been integrated into millions of square feet of concrete flooring for commercial properties, homes and more. As of today, it is one of the most popular products available in its niche. It is especially successful in the construction and concrete industries.

One of the primary benefits to be found with the decorative concrete coating installer is that the concentrate is able to be bought in bulk loads of cheap and high-quality cement. In addition, the sand can be sourced locally. In the end, this saves the consumer quite a bit of money since the prospect of dealing with frivolous freight expenses is eliminated altogether. This also leaves less stress to deal with overall. The Versa-Crete company's decorative concrete polymer overlays are produced for integral use with both old or new concrete surfaces. These polymer overlays provide an attractive ornamental finish that is incredibly strong, beautiful and long-lasting. The formula is also just as apt when it comes to functionality. This Versa-Crete product is able to endure heavy pedestrian traffic and the elements because of its exceptionally strong bonding properties.

The Versa-Crete formula is used for many other types of situations, as well. It can be employed as a knock down texture for pool decks. It can also be employed as a ¼” decorative stamped overlay. It is frequently incorporated as a broom finish for the surface of concrete driveways, as a taped ornamental microtopping for all types of flooring or even as a stencil. This concrete overlay polymer concentrate is even used as a prospective smooth microtopping for all concrete surfaces. The Versa-Crete formula is also compatible with the other premade bags listed on this page; all there is left for the decorative concrete coating installer to do is mix in the water and polymer solutions. Applications for the Versa-Crete formula include both decorated concrete driveways and decorated concrete patio decks.


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