Garage Flooring

Roll On Rock® will transform your dull and dreary concrete floor into a stunning, seamless, masterpiece that will outshine other comparable systems for years. When incorporating the Extreme Gloss Polyurea Topcoat in your finish, rest assured that you are getting the absolute best-looking, clear topcoat available in the country. Our Polyurea topcoat has an incredible gloss while providing extreme chemical and abrasion resistance, which is why it will continue to shine when others start to fade.

In 1999, Roll On Rock® revolutionized the garage floor coating industry by introducing a 2 Step Flake System when all other systems were 4 or more steps. This was accomplished by creating a proprietary epoxy that “wicks” deep into the concrete, creating a bond that is 3 times stronger than ordinary epoxy or polyaspartic systems over concrete. In fact, this revolutionary system will withstand at least 8 lbs. of MVE pressure, while others fail at 3lbs.

Additionally, all our clear topcoats will not yellow from sun exposure and most are under 10 VOC, making it safer for the planet’s ozone. And when we say our clear topcoats are “Hot Tire Resistant”, we mean it. They will not yellow, darken, stain or lift from hot tires. You can expect to easily wipe up any tire marks for years to come.

When other products say they are “Hot Tire Resistant”, they mean it won’t peel. With Roll on Rock®, it’s as if your car was never parked in the garage!

New advances in our technology allows Roll On Rock® to be installed in 1 day. In 2009, we introduced an additive that decreases the 4195 dry time to 3 hours. Now you can get the same 1 day install results of a polyaspartic, but with 3 times better adhesion to bare concrete.

We continue to revolutionize the way garage floors are coated.


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