Industrial Coatings

Versatile Building Products is a world leader in high performance polymer floor systems designed to be used over industrial floors. Our products have set the standard for industrial flooring, institutional flooring, commercial, polymer flooring, epoxy flooring, and resinous flooring used in industrial environments.  Products like our ICC 30 and ICC 100 are designed to be used as a monolithic seamless epoxy urethane concrete coating that will provide maximum build and protection for industrial flooring found in many different facilities.  Thinner build industrial flooring systems are typically designed using our 100% solids 4800 Epoxy, 4010 High Solids Waterbased Epoxy, 5300 Solventborne Urethane, 5400 Waterbased Urethane, 5010 Pigmented Polyaspartic or 5073 Polyurea coating products.

Decorative Industrial Flooring products are also becoming very popular because they improve the overall appearance of the environment by adding more light and color to the area when compared to boring solid color floors.  Another benefit of using a decorative epoxy floor coating like our Roll on Rock® system is that it will hide surface defects and look cleaner for a longer period of time due to the multi color finish.  This will also help reduce maintenance costs when compared to a solid color.  Roll on Rock® can be installed to meet most requirements of any industrial flooring project by combining it with out other products.  For example, a primer coat of 4100 Epoxy or 4150 Epoxy would be used for concrete floors that have high levels of Moisture Vapor Emissions since these are Vapor Blocking Concrete Floor Epoxy Primers.  If you need build then our 4800 100% solids epoxy can be used and if you need extra abrasion resistance you could topcoat it with our top of the line 5073 Polyurea.  When it comes to protecting your industrial flooring with a decorative epoxy coating, Roll on Rock® gives you plenty of options.


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